Third Space Learning



Area of impact

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Closing the maths attainment gap with one to one teaching

Third Space Learning is a unique and effective one-to-one online numeracy tutoring program for children with numeracy weaknesses from economically deprived backgrounds.

Impact KPIs


schools supported

50+ %

pupils are from disadvantaged backgrounds


pupils received tuition

90 %

pupils showed a solid understanding of the learning concept by the end of the lesson

It’s a well-researched programme with a fantastic impact on our pupils’ maths learning. It helps tutors focus on the emotional side of each pupil as a learner and combines the child’s ability to do the maths with building their metacognition.”

Simrat Mavi, Deputy Headteacher, St Giles C.E Primary School, Willenhall

If you get a question wrong, your tutor helps you to have another go and shows you how to do it. It’s fun!”

Year 6 pupil, London

Why it matters

Children from economically deprived backgrounds are almost twice as likely to fail academically and be at risk of unemployment in the future. One-to-one tutoring has substantial positive effects on learning outcomes and thus improved opportunities especially for pupils from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Tutoring programmes conducted during school hours tend to have greater impact than those conducted after school.

Tom Hooper

CEO & Founder, 
Third Space Learning

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