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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Turning disabilities into superpowers

An innovative robotics company creating affordable, medically certified 3D-printed bionic arms for people living with a below-elbow limb difference, especially women and children.

Impact KPIs

Number of Hero Arms ordered

Number of clinics partnering with Open Bionics

I now have two hands! I am so excited. I will be able to ride my bike, create in the kitchen and be like my friends. To be able to bend my fingers and pick things up is a dream come true.”

Bella Tadlock

To be the first veteran to get one is fantastic, but it leads on to me being hopefully the first of many. The first few weeks have been a voyage of discovery. Doing things together as a family that may not have been possible or a lot harder before has been great.”

Daz Fuller

Why it matters

An estimated 1 million people in the UK and US are living with upper limb differences or limb loss. Multi-grip prosthetics are up to 10x more expensive than Open Bionics. Due to the associated price tag, public health insurance typically only reimburses simple grip prosthetics. 25% of adults with a simpler prosthesis and up to 50% of children with one, are dissatisfied with it and choose not to use it because of limited functionality and discomfort.

Samantha Payne

COO, OpenBionics

Nobody was paying attention to the way the devices make people feel about themselves. Not one of the kids in our workshops wanted to design a human hand. Today, it is all about individualization.