Area of impact

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Protecting people and the planet by detecting wildfires, globally

OroraTech monitors wildfires on a global scale using thermal-infrared satellite imagery from third-party sources as well as an own constellation. OroraTech’s custom wildfire detection algorithms enable the prevention and containment of severe fires resulting in significant CO2 savings, protection of biodiversity and reduction of human tragedies.

Impact KPIs

160 million ha

of forest area protected across 6 continents

No. of fire alerts sent

Time to alert stakeholders about fire events [minutes]

Est. amount of CO2 reduction

OroraTech has increased our potential for early detection of new wildland fires. We also used their platform to monitor the progression of fires in situations where traditional sources of information are limited. ”

Mathieu Payette, SOPFEU Quebec

Thanks to OroraTech, we were able to detect five wildfires during the first months of using the service, helping us reduce the area of forest burnt.”

German Neumann, Arauco Chile

Why it matters

Every year, wildfires destroy 30-40 million hectares of vegetation and create CO2 emissions of 7 Gt on average. Catastrophic wildfires endanger whole ecosystems, cause biodiversity loss and water pollution. Air pollution caused by wildfires accounts for 340,000 deaths annually. Insurance costs rise by up to USD 20 billion in fire-heavy years. Response time of firefighting efforts is critical: probability of containing a wildfire successfully is doubled when fire size is 20% smaller.

Thomas Grübler

CEO & Co-founder, OroraTech

If we could stop about 0.3% of all forest fires early, we could save as much in carbon emissions as the entire global carbon offsetting market is worth.

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